Dinorah Varsi was South American. She was born on 15 November 1939 in Montevideo (Uruguay). She had always played “with” the piano, as far back as she could remember. At the age of four she was already on stage, giving a concert. Erich Kleiber predicted a great future for her when she played for him two years later. And three years after that she performed Bach's F minor Concerto for an enthusiastic audience in Brazil.

After completing her studies in Montevideo, she underwent further training in Paris, New York and finally in Switzerland with Géza Anda. During this period she was successful in competitions in Geneva, Barcelona and London. In 1967 she won the Clara Haskil Competition, which opened the doors to a global career.

Already as a child her concerts had ranged from Bach to Ginastera. Empathising with the worlds of different musical languages with her strong expressiveness remained a wonderful challenge throughout her life. Her unique gifts led to distinctive interpretations, including the great, technically demanding concertos of Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Liszt, Chopin and Brahms.

Dinorah Varsi died in Berlin on 17 June 2013.
1939 Dinorah Varsi is born on November 15, the daughter of Héctor Varsi Cavajani and María Celia Pérez Lestring de Varsi, in Montevideo, Uruguay.
1944 At the age of four, she begins her studies with Sarah Bourdillon de Santórsola. Just three months later she makes her first public appearance, performing works by Haydn, Bach, Schumann and Mozart.
1945 Her first recording session, including the Chopin Waltz in A minor (live 1) takes place. Erich Kleiber, who is present, afterwards hands her a written greeting “With best wishes for your bright future.”
1946 Her first solo recital.
1949 Her debut performance, playing Bach’s F minor Concerto with the Symphony Orchestra of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
1950 Concert and recording of the same concerto with the OSSODRE in Montevideo (live 1).
1952 Performance of Mozart’s D minor Concerto in the Teatro Solís.
1955 Concert and recording of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No.2 with the OSSODRE (live 1).
1956 With the same orchestra she performs Maurice Ravel’s Concerto in G major.
1957 An appearance with the Erich Kleiber Quartet so deeply impresses Paul Kletzki that he introduces her in the United States a few years later.
1960 Wins the ‘Jorge Lalewitz’ Competition in Buenos Aires.
1961 USA debut with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra conducted by Paul Kletzki, playing Beethoven’s 4th Piano Concerto. After this she gives two more piano recitals. A scholarship then enables her to study at Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris with Mme de Bascourret Guéraldy. In September, she is a finalist in the Geneva Competition; no first prize is awarded.
1962 Wins the Maria Canals Competition in Barcelona.
1963 Finishes her studies at Ecole Nomale de Musique in Paris with distinction.
1964 Attends a masterclass by Géza Anda; she attends a further two in the next two years. In London, Dinorah Varsi is awarded the Harriet Cohen Medal.
1965 Studies in New York with Leonard Shure.
1966 Moves to Lenzburg, Switzerland.
1967 Wins the international Clara Haskil Competition in Lucerne.
1970 First recording session at Philips, where she is awarded an exclusive artist contract. She will make seven further recordings for the label.
1972 South Africa tour.
1981 Records Chopin’s two Cycles of Etudes for the Intercord label.
1982 Swiss naturalisation.
1986 harmonia mundi releases her recording of all Chopin’s Mazurkas (studio 20 + 21). The recording is the NZfM’s Record of the Month.
1987 harmonia mundi releases her recording of Chopin’s Nocturnes (studio 22 + 23). The NDR produces ‘Portrait of a Pianist’ (film 39).
1988 harmonia mundi releases her recording of Chopin’s Impromtus, Preludes and Fantasy (studio 24).
1990 Appointment to teach at the Musikhochschule Karlsruhe, where she works until 1996 as a visiting professor. In her inaugural year the rbb broadcasts a recording of a masterclass from the Musikhochschule (film 37).
1995 Mediaphon releases a live recording of Brahms’ two piano concertos (live 12 + 13). She records further CDs in the coming years of works by Franck, Debussy and Ustvolskaya (studio 28), Chopin (studio 19) and Brahms (studio 14) for this label.
1997 rbb films the two-part portrait of the musician Dinorah Varsi, ‘Clavierissimo I‘ and ‘Clavierissimo II’ (film 38 + 39).
2004 Japan tour and recording of a recital (film 40).
2008 Recording of an early piano concerto by Mendelssohn for the Orfeo label.
2009 Withdrawal from concert life.
2013 Dinorah Varsi dies on 17 June in Berlin.
Dinorah Varsi's playing and musical personality have been captured in many television and radio productions and live recordings. Legacy summarizes this collection with 40 recordings, divided into the categories live, studio, talk, and film. They range from the early performances of the child prodigy to those of the mature artist. Legacy is also a selection of 250 years of piano literature, ranging from Rameau and Bach to Bartok and Ustvolskaya, with many works by Chopin.

The book recounts Varsi’s thoughts about music and piano playing, her views and visions, and also gives a lively impression of her Uruguayan years. Her educational work is demonstrated by the masterclass. "Dinorah Varsi Legacy" is a unique compilation, representing the wealth of her artistic achievement. (Contents PDF)

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“Dinorah Varsi Legacy” was awarded a „Recording of the Year 2016“

„Dinorah Varsi Legacy“ was honored with an ICMA Special Award on 1 April 2016
Rémy Franck esteemed the edition as a brilliant tribute to a singular artist and her distinctive, sensitive and virtuosic piano playing

»Dinorah Varsi Legacy« receives the "Diapason d’Or April 2016"
Etienne Moreau honours the edition as „a marvellous tribute to the memory of this singular and discrete pianist”, April 2016

»Dinorah Varsi Legacy« receives the "Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik"
The jury honours the legacy of a „fulminant, grippingly brilliant as well as poetic sensitive pianist“ (15 February 2016)

»Dinorah Varsi Legacy« receives ICMA Special Award 2016
The jury of the International Classical Music Award honours the »Dinorah Varsi Legacy« box set with a Special Award as an »outstanding musical production«

Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik
"Dinorah Varsi Legacy" is longlisted for the Annual Awards 2016

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Dinorah Varsi always found her own way to the music she played. She was not interested in other interpretations while rehearsing a piece. Her instinctive approach enabled her to grasp the musical language of each composer whose works she performed. In the process, she was helped by her sureness of style, her tonal conception, and the artistry of her phrasing and touch. These led to unique, timeless interpretations of great intensity, which send every music lover who appreciates this exceptional artist on a journey of discovery.

Claude Debussy: "Golliwogg's Cakewalk" from Children's Corner

Johann Sebastian Bach: BWV 856 – Dinorah Varsi explains and plays (English subtitles)

Frédéric Chopin: "Berceuse" op.57

César Franck: Prélude, Choral et Fugue

Alberto Ginastera: "Danza del gaucho matrero" from Danzas Argentinas op.2

Alexander Scriabin: Etude op.8/12

Robert Schumann: "Aufschwung" from Fantasiestücke op.12

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